Baja Mobile Spa Introduction

Your mind is clear, your body is rejuvenated. your skin is glowing. you've just had 90 minutes  of uninterrupted, calm, relaxing pampering.
Time's Up. Dress. Pay. Drive home. Nothing spoils a decadent spa treatment like the end of
the appointment. at Baja mobileSPA, we help make spa experience last as long as you want.
Don't get dressed, don't get up. We'll see ourselves out. Because at  Baja mobileSPA you'll get
those same indulgent spa services but in your home, office, or hotel. We bring the spa experience to you. We offer a full range of spa services provided by certified and seasoned professionals. Invite us over. We'll be the most relaxing houseguest's you've ever spend time with.

Wellness and spa - Taking the holistic approach

It's not about pampering anymore. It's about taking care of yourself. SPA treatments once acknowledged as an indulgent luxury, are now recognized for their holistic approach to wellness.

Your Face:Your face is a portrait of your personality. It's the First thing people notice about you. Baja mobileSPA used  sense beautiful science, sense was developed with the knowledge that skin is healthiest and looks its best when all cells in the skin's layers are properly nourished and hydrated. The skin however, also reflects the state of health of the body.
Will correctly inspect  the characteristics of your skin so that an effective skin care treatment can be performed accordingly and will help you attain your skin to have a healthy, youthful appearance.

Your body:Baja mobileSPA has the most sophisticated & individualized treatments. Body Treatments are an absolute must in today's stress related society. Certain treatments cater
to specialized needs such as cellulite or muscle tension.
Massage for body & mind:Most people who experience a massage know for themselves how beneficial therapeutic massage therapy is to their health an well-being, both physically and mentally. Besides offering deep relaxation, massage therapy can ease acute & chronic pain, alleviate symptoms of depression & anxiety, bolster the immune system, improve concentration to name but a few.

'Indulge Yourself' SPA packages: welcome. Treat yourself to exquisite face and body treatments by our highly trained staff. Spend an hour... Spend a day!

Salon services right to your door - Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures.

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